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BLACK FRIDAY 2013... A Little Insight!

Hi Everyone!

This month is OCTOBER , the time of year we usually focus on the upcoming possible Black Friday , with every year being very unique and different.

Anything different happen this year? Nah, the same epic powers have been dropping down in price , so many users have lost some form of profit. It's not just that, though, some limited powers have decreased as well.

Below are most of the powers that have decreased (changed) in price. We have screenshots to prove this to you, if there are any missed out please leave a comment and let us know:


Users are being very optimistic about this tradition like always, but after Black Friday 2012 perhaps it may not be such a good idea to get your hopes up!

Also, with xat being inflated and many users having over 100,000 xats, perhaps profit won't be as decent?

What do you think? We'll be sure to keep on building up to the big day, which is in over 7 weeks time!

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

- Aisha


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