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Good Evening!

The newest power (252) has been CONFIRMED as 'REDIRECT'.


This power was originally spotted as 'Undefined' , but was after last weeks power, 'Eggy', so it was obvious that it would be power 251... BUT!


Because of this, it was later revealed that it was ID 252:


Users on xat_test feel that this was a good idea for the new power, and are wanting it to be pre-released:

There has been a Banner uploaded just recently (6pm BST) and seems to be close to releasing.

When an Owner assigns this power to their chat, it redirects you to another chat. 

E.G. Aisha owns xat.com/AishaBlog, he assigns REDIRECT to the chat to XAT.COM/HELP, users enter AishaBlog, but get redirected to Help because of the new power.

It also comes with a few smileys and 3 limited pawns!

So, there you have it! We'll post you more information when the power releases, in the meantime let me know what you think of this new power!
- Aisha

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