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Xat Power 253! (ANI1)

Hi everyone!

Power 253 has been spotted on xat and has been handed out to the Volunteers, it is known as 'undefined'.

UPDATE: The name has changed to ANI1 but currently does not have a smiley for it. The price is between 1,500 - 2,500 xats. (FRIDAY)

FINAL UPDATE: Saturday, and still the power has not been released. There is now a smiley for it, but the smileys that come with the power are currently not working. The price is 1,000 - 1,500 xats.

So there you go! We can tell you that the new power is an 'Anime' styled one with anime smileys, we'll post you further updates when necessary!

Meanwhile, power prices have continued to drop, mainly limited and epic powers, with EVERYPOWER now at the fair price of 230,000 - 240,000 xats.

What are your thoughts on the new power? Let me know by commenting below!
- Aisha 


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