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Power 256: 'ZWHACK'.

IMPORTANT: As the new power is now only classified as 'UNDEFINED' I will no longer be doing posts about the new 'test power' being released. I apologise if this was what you partly came to this Blog to check for.

Hi everyone!

The newest power was confirmed today as ZWHACK. A weird name for a power, only to be known that it was going to be a GAME POWER.

Here is the smiley:

Looks like a Halloween themed power, doesn't it? I quite like the smiley, looks a bit like (foe) in a way, right?

42 and TOM2 were seen on both chats, xat_test AND xat_test2 , as seen in the images below:


Anyway, since it's a 'Game power', I take it you'll want to know what the function is? Well, look no further!


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