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ANI1 Release: ALL The Information, Images, and MORE!

Hi everyone!

At **6.40pm BST** on Saturday the newest power, ANI1 was finally released into the stores, a power which everyone has described as 'ugly' ...

2000 released costing 300 xats . 3 PER USER! LIMITED!

Many thought this was exactly like the unlimited XAVI power, with the release going very slow. It took a staggering 30 minutes for the power to become sold out, with many users having between 10 - 20 among them.

The price during AND after the release was 300 - 330 xats , with everyone selling. But the next morning the price rose to 350 - 400 xats. The price has now dropped, again, and there is now a banner counting down the release ...

This is a limited power.

Further updates will be posted soon! Meanwhile, keep checking this blog for your #01 Updates and Cheats! ;-)
- Aisha    

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