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How to avoid being Scammed...

Where they are always nice people in the world, there are always bad, and Hackers / Scammers are one of them. This article will explain to you different ways how people can try to scam you.

Scamming 1: Changing the amount in a Trade
When doing a Trade, you must concentrate at all times, even if it's fair. You never know when someone may be sneaky. (even Moderators on Trade can be scammed at times)

Because of this, xat put something on to make it more safer. They put a red box saying 'Updated' when someone has changed the trade. (This only applies once you accept)

As you can see, the user changed their price from the original (450 xats) to 45 xats. Do you see the red box? It's telling you that it updated, along with the scale being red for you, which means you're doing a bad deal. If you rush and confirm before it shows the red box, it's your responsibility and means that It's your fault being scammed.

Scamming 2: The Trade system doesn't work
The Trade system always will work, sometimes it doesn't load. If a user says that the Trade function is broken, they are lying. If they ask you to transfer your xats / days instead, that is a huge SCAM! Don't do it, unless you especially trust that person. Transfering can be very dangerous, as they can easily run off. Only do it when you are sending a gift to somebody.

Scamming 3: Running away

 If you think that you've made a mistake when doing a Trade, and you have accepted, there's one way of knowing if you're correct or not: The person would run away straight away after the Trade and put you on Ignore. If this happens, take a screenshot and report it to a Moderator straight away!

This covers most the ways on avoiding scammers using safe trade. There is one other problem that occured recently:


This means that the user you are trading with has stolen xats. If you proceed and complete the trade, there is a chance that you can lose all your stuff.

If you go on the page 'How to avoid scammers when trading Penguins', you can see Information there, as this article only covers Safe Trade.

Have you been experienced by scammers using safe trade? Give us your story here!
Note: You can also use the Fair Trade made specially by me (100% accurate and updated daily) which is also on the Blog, as prices can change alot every day and people may try and rip you off!  

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  1. I used to be scammed all the time with Fair Trade. I use to always rush when doing Trades. Once, I was suppoed to trade 6 shocker (when 400 each) for 2 gag, and the user put 1 and I had accepted. I was so annoyed and ever since then I have taken more caution and was more aware of my trades.


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