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Xat On 2011

Here, you will experience what has happened throughout xat over the years, including power releases!

January 2011
7th - GKBEAR was confirmed and released. It started at 600 xats, and had dropped to 350 xats! The price was 500 - 550, and had soon failed and became 200 - 220. This was one of xat's first failed powers, and 7,000 were out. It is limited.

15th - MUSIC was released, costing 300 xats and was unlimited. It came with smileys and you were able to create your own song! A very unique power.

21st - UNWELL was released, costing 400 xats each, and dropping by 4 xats every hour! Feeling unwell? Get these smileys that come along with it! 8000 were out and stopped at 360 xats. At first it was 400 - 500, but had become 150 - 180! limited

28th - GSCOL was released, and was an unlimited group power. You are able to add colors to smileys when you assign in to a chat.

February 2011
4th - LOVE was released, costing 300 xats each. It is an unlimited group and is getting ready for Valentine's Day. Get FLIX backgrounds, the more you assign.

11th - You thought GKBEAR was bad? Now, get ready for GKKITTY! This power is limited and also a group, and started at 600 xats. x8000 were released, and it stopped at 280 xats. People sold quickly, and it had became 250 - 270, before being 150-180 xats.

18th - ZAP was released, costing 15 days (195 xats). This lets you get zapped when someone kicks you. Nothing unique happens to you like a regular kick.

25th - OUTFIT was released into the stores, costing 400 xats each. x7000 were out, and ended at a cheap 180 xats. It failed at 180-200.
March 2011

5th - The ANNOUNCE power had come out, and was the most expensive non limited, costing 2,000 xats each! It was a group, and lets you add an announcement to the chat, before you sign in.

12th - The 2nd version of the xat gifts were released! You can send more gifts to your friends!

13th - It's a Saturday, and xat released 500 Diamonds costing 1800 xats each when it was 2800 - 2850 xats, and 500 Clears costing 3000 xats each when it was 4000 - 4100 xats.

16th - For St. Patrick's Day xat released 500 Irish costing 300 xats each, when it was 450 - 500 xats on Trade!

18th - 7000 Work were released starting at 400 xats and then dropping 10 xats each every hour, until it went to 190 xats. 

23rd - RANKPOOL got released, costing a whopping 800 xats each, and is also a GROUP. It lets you add 2 tabs with any name you like.

April 2011

1st - ANIMAL comes out costing 200 xats each as an unlimited! NOT an April Fools!


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