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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

New Power, '327' (BIRTHDAY) Release!


Just a while ago this evening, the new test power was released to users. It is currently known as 327.

We currently do not have any new information regarding the new power, but be sure to check our Blog for key updates!

- Aisha

New Xat Power 326, 'OIDS'.


This morning we discovered that this weekends power is going to be called, 'OIDS'.

This will be a smiley power, consisting of around 12 different 'oid' styled smilies. The following are:  
Oids, oiwait, oiswt, oipunch, oiouch, oino, oifrus, oieek, oicape, oiblank, oiaww, oiback.

We currently do not know the price of the new power, however it is CONFIRMED to be UNLIMITED.

Update 1: ***SATURDAY RELEASE***
At around **8.30pm GMT** , the new power OIDS was finally released in the stores, costing 250 xats!

 1000 released costing 250 xats

The price after the release and the next day was around 300 - 350 xats, although at one point it was almost 400 xats.

The power re-released on Sunday, but demand was far worse than last time. It took a while to complete, but after the price was 240 - 270 xats.

Final Update:
Right now, the power is currently LIMITED. The price slightly increased now to 250 - 280 xats due to it not being Available in the stores.


So, are you happy with this weeks new power? Share your thoughts by commenting below!
- Aisha  

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY 2015: Valentine, Burningheart AND Gold in Power Auction!


First off, if we haven't already, us on the AishaSites blog would like to say Happy Valentine's Day! With this being the 4th post on this, we'll cover what occurred this year on xat...

If your HEART is BURNING a GOLD ring for your VALENTINE?

This tweet must mean that all 3 powers, BURNINGHEART, VALENTINE and GOLD will be releasing this Valentine's Day!
Keep updated with our Blog for key points, this includes Screenshots and possible gossip:

BURNINGHEART was the first power to be released into the pauction
200 released finishing at 3105 xats.

Users didn't make much profit, as the price before the release was: 3200 - 3300 xats. The price on TRADE is now currently 3100 - 3200 xats.

VALENTINE was the next (second) power to be released into the pauction.

200 released finishing at 2270 xats.

Again, this power wasn't much of a success to profiters, with the price before being 2350 - 2500 xats. The price on TRADE now is currently 2200 - 2400 xats.

This seems to be the final power released in pauction, which once again isn't being successful. However, this AUCTION is still going on, finishing at **0.00am GMT** . The minimum price is already 54,000 xats!

The price on TRADE before the release was 55,300 - 55,700 xats but with there being 10 hours left... no comment. :)

So, there you go! What do you think of this year's Valentine's Day event? I personally don't think it was successful, but oh well!

Enjoy your weekend !
- Aisha 

Gift your friend... 'VALFX' Power Release!

Earlier than expected, xat decided to celebrate Valentine's Day 1 day before by releasing another new power, which, like last weeks (AMORE) power, is Valentine themed.

VALFX costs 300 xats. LIMITED!

There is currently a Banner going around xat advertising the new power, where the next release is meant to be at **9.30pm GMT** , so get ready! We are currently not sure on how many per user it is, but could be set to change.

How is it doing for profit? Well, the price on TRADE is currently 400 - 500 xats, so you should earn quite a bit there!

There has only been 3 releases so far today. The new power seems to be releasing every 6-8 hours. The latest release was at **1.30pm GMT**, with it being 10 per user costing 300 xats each.


Demand is very low, with the price being 300 - 320 xats on TRADE, despite it releasing every 7 hours. (I guess it didn't live up to AMORE last week)


There are a few users who have collected the new power, but currently they're not having much luck in terms of profit:

So, what does this power do? Well, it only comes with 5 smilies, but there are also several 'FX' smileys to choose from. (can be found on the wiki)

However, here are the 5 smileys and the codes in order from left to right:

 (valfx) (vburst) (vkiss) (vrain) (vthrow)

So, what do you think of this new power? I personally feel that the Valentine themed powers seem to do well on xat; Kheart, Romance, Valentine, Amore and now VALFX! However the main smiley does look like (NEWYEAR) to me!

Remember to keep checking our Blog in regards to what happens this weekend.
Happy EARLY Valentine's Day!
- Aisha

Xat Power 'AMORE' Release!


With Valentine's Day coming up next Saturday, xat has decided to have early preparations in releasing the new power, 'AMORE'.

This power is LIMITED, but it would be a nice gift to give to your loved one:

At around **9.30am GMT** the new power was released!

1000 released costing 230 xats

Just like (romance) last year, this power seems to be doing well on TRADE. The price keeps increasing, with it currently being 500 - 600 xats (4pm GMT). The power seems to be releasing every 3 - 4 hours , but we will update you on the quantity. 


1 day later, and at 7pm GMT, the price has stayed at 350 - 400 xats for over 24 hours, despite 300 - 400 releasing every 3 hours.

During the releases, it is now 4 PER USER for the new power, giving users an average profit of 500 - 700 xats if you buy all 4!

Finally, let's take a look at the smilies. Here are the following smileys and their codes in order from left to right:

(amore) (glitterheart) (abear) (abee) (acupid) (adove) (ahand) (akiss) (together).

It also comes with a limited pawn for a week, you can check that out by looking on the powers page!

So, what do you think of this new power? It kind of reminds me of (hogmanay) for some reason, but otherwise it seems quite nice. Leave a thought in the comments section below, and remember to check our Blog for updates!
- Aisha

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