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HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY 2015: Valentine, Burningheart AND Gold in Power Auction!


First off, if we haven't already, us on the AishaSites blog would like to say Happy Valentine's Day! With this being the 4th post on this, we'll cover what occurred this year on xat...

If your HEART is BURNING a GOLD ring for your VALENTINE?

This tweet must mean that all 3 powers, BURNINGHEART, VALENTINE and GOLD will be releasing this Valentine's Day!
Keep updated with our Blog for key points, this includes Screenshots and possible gossip:

BURNINGHEART was the first power to be released into the pauction
200 released finishing at 3105 xats.

Users didn't make much profit, as the price before the release was: 3200 - 3300 xats. The price on TRADE is now currently 3100 - 3200 xats.

VALENTINE was the next (second) power to be released into the pauction.

200 released finishing at 2270 xats.

Again, this power wasn't much of a success to profiters, with the price before being 2350 - 2500 xats. The price on TRADE now is currently 2200 - 2400 xats.

This seems to be the final power released in pauction, which once again isn't being successful. However, this AUCTION is still going on, finishing at **0.00am GMT** . The minimum price is already 54,000 xats!

The price on TRADE before the release was 55,300 - 55,700 xats but with there being 10 hours left... no comment. :)

So, there you go! What do you think of this year's Valentine's Day event? I personally don't think it was successful, but oh well!

Enjoy your weekend !
- Aisha 

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