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Xat Power 'AMORE' Release!


With Valentine's Day coming up next Saturday, xat has decided to have early preparations in releasing the new power, 'AMORE'.

This power is LIMITED, but it would be a nice gift to give to your loved one:

At around **9.30am GMT** the new power was released!

1000 released costing 230 xats

Just like (romance) last year, this power seems to be doing well on TRADE. The price keeps increasing, with it currently being 500 - 600 xats (4pm GMT). The power seems to be releasing every 3 - 4 hours , but we will update you on the quantity. 


1 day later, and at 7pm GMT, the price has stayed at 350 - 400 xats for over 24 hours, despite 300 - 400 releasing every 3 hours.

During the releases, it is now 4 PER USER for the new power, giving users an average profit of 500 - 700 xats if you buy all 4!

Finally, let's take a look at the smilies. Here are the following smileys and their codes in order from left to right:

(amore) (glitterheart) (abear) (abee) (acupid) (adove) (ahand) (akiss) (together).

It also comes with a limited pawn for a week, you can check that out by looking on the powers page!

So, what do you think of this new power? It kind of reminds me of (hogmanay) for some reason, but otherwise it seems quite nice. Leave a thought in the comments section below, and remember to check our Blog for updates!
- Aisha

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