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Gift your friend... 'VALFX' Power Release!

Earlier than expected, xat decided to celebrate Valentine's Day 1 day before by releasing another new power, which, like last weeks (AMORE) power, is Valentine themed.

VALFX costs 300 xats. LIMITED!

There is currently a Banner going around xat advertising the new power, where the next release is meant to be at **9.30pm GMT** , so get ready! We are currently not sure on how many per user it is, but could be set to change.

How is it doing for profit? Well, the price on TRADE is currently 400 - 500 xats, so you should earn quite a bit there!

There has only been 3 releases so far today. The new power seems to be releasing every 6-8 hours. The latest release was at **1.30pm GMT**, with it being 10 per user costing 300 xats each.


Demand is very low, with the price being 300 - 320 xats on TRADE, despite it releasing every 7 hours. (I guess it didn't live up to AMORE last week)


There are a few users who have collected the new power, but currently they're not having much luck in terms of profit:

So, what does this power do? Well, it only comes with 5 smilies, but there are also several 'FX' smileys to choose from. (can be found on the wiki)

However, here are the 5 smileys and the codes in order from left to right:

 (valfx) (vburst) (vkiss) (vrain) (vthrow)

So, what do you think of this new power? I personally feel that the Valentine themed powers seem to do well on xat; Kheart, Romance, Valentine, Amore and now VALFX! However the main smiley does look like (NEWYEAR) to me!

Remember to keep checking our Blog in regards to what happens this weekend.
Happy EARLY Valentine's Day!
- Aisha

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