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New Xat Power 326, 'OIDS'.


This morning we discovered that this weekends power is going to be called, 'OIDS'.

This will be a smiley power, consisting of around 12 different 'oid' styled smilies. The following are:  
Oids, oiwait, oiswt, oipunch, oiouch, oino, oifrus, oieek, oicape, oiblank, oiaww, oiback.

We currently do not know the price of the new power, however it is CONFIRMED to be UNLIMITED.

Update 1: ***SATURDAY RELEASE***
At around **8.30pm GMT** , the new power OIDS was finally released in the stores, costing 250 xats!

 1000 released costing 250 xats

The price after the release and the next day was around 300 - 350 xats, although at one point it was almost 400 xats.

The power re-released on Sunday, but demand was far worse than last time. It took a while to complete, but after the price was 240 - 270 xats.

Final Update:
Right now, the power is currently LIMITED. The price slightly increased now to 250 - 280 xats due to it not being Available in the stores.


So, are you happy with this weeks new power? Share your thoughts by commenting below!
- Aisha  

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