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SPIRALFX (Power 178) Has Been Released! (UPDATES & DETAILS)

Hey xat users...

Xat released Spiralfx at 3.10pm GMT  ...

500 released costing a strange 222 xats each in the stores. I'm not sure why it was that price, but users from Help told me so. (mods)

Update: SOLD OUT! 

The power is now currently limited , as you can see below:

Because this power is currently in testing , Spiralfx is temporarily called Spiralfxtest . Look at the image below...

Looks unique, huh? Obviously, once it becomes unlimited , the name will change and become Spiralfx because it won't be in testing anymore...

Remember that Spiralfx will eventually become unlimited , most likely later today or tomorrow. Buying one on Trade at the moment is a big risk! Make sure you know what you're doing!

Did you manage to get yourself one? Leave a comment and let me know what you think of it, and do you think that these FX powers are a good idea?

NOTE: I will make a post about the function of Pulsefx when it releases as an unlimited power, to make it more clear... (:


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