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What is Power 180? Just think of Noaudies...

Power 180 has been CONFIRMED as I went on xat_test at 8am this morning , and it seems original to everyone's favorite power, NOAUDIES...

Everyone's Favorite: Noaudies only costs a minor 10 xats and is also an unlimited power, which mutes xat sounds that users post.

But no, it's something different. It's a power called GSOUND. Just telling from the 'Sound', you may think of the Noaudies power!

Anyhows, here was Brian with the power:

Gsound: Power 180, which has been confirmed as the following above, has the regular Noaudie symbol with a gear on the bottom right of it.

I have no idea what the power does yet, but I'll let you know on the blog as soon as we get more information!

What do you think of Gsound? Looks cool? I don't really like it very much! But leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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