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500 CLEAR Auction

Yes, title says it all.

At 3pm GMT , xat announced that they were putting the CLEAR power up for Auction

500 released starting at a minimum cost of 500 xats each! 

The following Auction is shown below ...

Note: Please be aware that the minimum price goes up much quicker than the previous Auction!

The maximum you can buy is 80 . The Auction finishes at 8pm GMT.

The price on Trade before the release was 3500 - 3650 xats , but is likely to not drop so much as the cost is going higher and higher...!

Update: SOLD OUT! The Auction has finished. The final price was 3,000 xats , so looks like not much profit anymore, unlike last time! 

It sold at 8pm GMT and the price is now around 3100 - 3200 xats.

Final Update: The price on Trade is now only 2950 - 3000 xats. Many users are selling it for 3000 xats, so good luck on trying to get it! 

What do you think of the Auction? Are you going to try and bid? Let me know if you've had any luck! 

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