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Familiar Celebrity Appears on Xat...

Guess what, everyone?!

Do you remember in 2010-2011, when 42 announced that a special celebrity was going to appear on xat, with her own chat?!

Well, Carbon was able to meet her on her chat TODAY! She has not been on for a while, and comes on rarely! Fortunatley, Carbon was so nice and caring that he decided to give me the image, and permission to publish it onto the blog!

So, here it is...!

CREDIT: ALL Credit and thanks goes to Carbon (82834751) for the image!  

Because she is a Celebrity , she has been given a special Blue pawn which is very light for all users to clearly see who she is, and that she's a unique user!
She is the only user to have this very unique pawn! If you were able to see her just like Carbon did, then you are very lucky! I would love to meet her!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think! 


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