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8 Digit Auctions WELCOMED...! (With SHORTNAME Added)

Hey guys!

This auction happened a few days ago, but for the first time since the Auction started, xat have allowed 8 digits to appear on auction...!

Now, I remember when 8 digits used to only be around 1000 - 4000 xats! Now everything's changed now!

Update: Xat have added the shortname 'Sexy' onto the auction. 42 has started the bid on 10,000 xats for the name.

(remember, short names range from 4-9 letters, and can be alot depending on the demand, and sexy would be a very popular choice!)

Final Update: The auction is now CLOSED! See the image below for the winners on the ID's and following shortname...

I think that's so much xats to throw away for a shortname like that! What do you think? Would you have considered buying it? Let me know!

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