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KBEE Auction Updates

Hey guys!

There's now only 30 minutes until the Auction for KBEE is over . Here are the latest changes from what we last posted ...

Xat have confirmed that KBEE is only available to buy through Auction . You can also see this through the xat power store ...


Here is how the Uniform Auction looks at the moment as it comes to an end...

As you can see, the minimum bid has been changed to 25 xats from when we last checked it out. You can't submit a bid lower than the following! The maximum bid remains the same, but the Average has also changed!

NOTE: The Auction finishes at 6.00pm GMT

Although you are unable to buy it, a few people managed to have the power from when it was in Testing. Because of this, the price on Trade is between 300 - 800 xats

Have you submitted a bid, or do you think it's too risky? Once the Auction has finished, I'll let you know what has happened and how it will work in the near future! 

Any further questions, please leave a comment below... (: 

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