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KBEE Power FINAL Updates!

Hey guys!

I am proud to share with you all of the Information about KBEE , with even better news! I now understand how the Power Auction works!

Now, first I'll start off with the KBEE power ...

8000 released and was only available to buy through Auction . Xat confirmed that it would not be released into the stores!

Now, people could bid as many xats as they wish, but could only get a maximum of x80 KBEE powers.

The Final price for KBEE was a very cheap 101 xats

The Auction had finished at 6.50pm GMT . However, users were not transferred the power until 8pm GMT. 

For those who had decided to enter and risk the Auction, it was well worth it! At first, the price rose suddenly to 250 - 300 xats , however it had then dropped down to only 200 - 220 xats.

However, currently (today) the price has been risen up to 350 - 400 xats , and has made quite a good profit for users, depending on how many you've bought!

The Auction has a set minimum price to begin with. For KBEE, it was 10 xats. No matter how much the user bids, the lowest price will always stay the same. It will show the maximum cost someone has bidded, and the Average out of all the Bids submitted. They are just for information.

However, the minimum price can change at any time. This can be a problem for future Auctions. Near the end of Auction, the minimum price changes quite rapidly . KBEE only went up to 101 xats luckily, but it still increased at quite a fast rate.

When the Auction was over, everyone who bidded paid 101 xats because that was the minimum cost. Even if you bidded 400 xats, you will still only have to pay 101 xats, which is a huge benefit to users, including you.

If you know when to play your tactics right, you could make a huge profit. Most users managed to profit 10,000 xats through the first Auction, so hopefully you can too!

But be aware, some Auctions may not have the same effects!   

What do you think of the Auction? Do you think that it's good now? Or was it luck? Do you understand the Auction now? I was lucky and managed to buy myself 50 KBEE! If you missed out, don't worry, now that you know how it works, maybe you'll try next time! Leave a comment and let me know...


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