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Power 179 CONFIRMED!

Hey guys!

Late last night, xat began the testing process for 179 , which nobody knew what it was going to be! Sadly, I wasn't able to get an image, but what I do know is the name...!

Since I like doing mini-cartoons now, are you able to guess what 179 is, by looking at the one I made below...?

Not able to guess? Well, I'll tell you! The power is called Nursing. Here is a bigger version of the smiley, (what it's going to look like)

What do you think?! Looks nice, doesn't it? Well, just by looking at it, you can tell that it's going to come with different Doctor themed smiles, but it's not the same as Unwell which came out early last year!

Here is Brian who were one of the only users I was able to find with Nursing...

The power was confirmed on the xat_test scroller:


Function of Nursing: It comes with 10 different Nurse / Doctor themed smiles. An image of them in order is shown below...

  • It will cost around 200 xats when it is released in the stores.
  • There will be a few releases, not sure how, but there is going to be around 7000 in total on xat!
  • This will be a limited power!
  • It will not have much demand after the releases are finished!  

What do you think of Nursing? Do you have a good idea about it now after reading this post? Are you going to buy it? Make sure you leave a comment below and let me know!

Note: Don't forget to read our 100% fully updated guide when the new power (Nursing) releases in the stores! It's a new system that makes it clearer!  

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