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Hey guys!

42 has decided to release some more Spiralfx into the stores!

The release took place at 6.40pm GMT , and it had influence as 42 was also on xat_test at the time, with users asking to release some more!

1000 released costing 222 xats each again. 
The price on Trade before the release was an expensive 600 - 650 xats , and looked like it was going to go up even more! Like said in the previous post, it became a huge risk to buy it...!

Update 1: There are going to be around 300 remaining in a minute! (6.50pm)

Update 2: Less than 100 remaining! (6.51pm)

Update 3: SOLD OUT! (6.51pm)

Final Update: Users are now trying to sell now for 400 - 500 xats each. It's cheaper now! (6.59pm)

Haha, looks like I was wrong, and they decided to release another bunch! Oh well, I'm sure that it'll become unlimited later on! 

Hope you managed to get yourself one! (: 

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