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GSOUND Power Release Info!

At around 1-1.30pm GMT , xat released Power 180 also known as GSound ...

500 released costing only 200 xats each!
It is also a GROUP power, so you can assign it onto your chat...!

Update: SOLD OUT!

Gsound is now currently LIMITED

Update 2: The price on Trade is now currently 300 - 375 xats , and is most likely going to go up higher in price in the next few hours or so... (3.07pm) 
NOTE: Although xat have not announced this, Gsound is going to be unlimited most likely either later today or tomorrow! Be aware that you don't get too carried away with fellow Trade users like Spiralfx which became 600 xats!

Function of Gsound - This power will allow you to change sounds from the original you hear when you send a message onto the chat or changes the tab. (gives the same sound)

It also comes with 5 smilies! The following are in order from left to right:
(canthear) (tooloud) (volume) (megap) (playbtn)  

You are able to get all the available sounds by Clicking Here

There are 3 options you are able to choose when you are editing the power, which will be explained when it's changed. They are...

  • Message sound is when someone talks in main chat.

  • User sound is the sound when you talk in Private chat.
  •  Tab sound is when you press tab on your keyboard. 

That's about it! What do you think of the Gsound power? I don't really like it in my opinion, but at least we won't have to hear the same old default sound! Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about this new power...!

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