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Fairy, Nursing and Heart All LIMITED!

Hey guys!

Today, because it was Mother's Day in USA , xat decided to re-release 2 limited powers, as well as the return of Nursing coming into the stores...!

Now, I was confused, so I'm sure that many of you all that just came on are as well! Here is an FAQ to help answer all your questions!

Question: What powers released?
Answer: The powers that released were Heart, Fairy and Nursing!

Question: How many of each Power released?
Answer: I was confused about this as well, but I've got it all covered now! The following quantities for each release are...

Heart - 500 released starting at the cost of 800 xats each, before dropping down. The final price was 733 xats .

Fairy - 500 released starting at the cost of 1500 xats each, before dropping down in price. The final price stopped at a decent 1450 xats.

Nursing - 2000 released to add onto the previous release, which had 3000 come out at once. The price was 200 xats, just like the previous release!

Question: Why did these powers release?
Answer: The reason that the following released, was because xat wanted to celebrate Mother's Day! Heart was the closest to suit the power, but I'm not too sure about Fairy, maybe as an added bonus!

As for Nursing, however, that was for Nurses' Week, which xat had published for their first release. That had nothing to do with Mother's Day!

Question: How much are the powers now?
Answer: At the following time, (6.08pm) the prices are ...

Heart - 750 - 770 xats
Fairy - 1750 - 1800 xats
Nursing - 190 - 210 xats

Question: Will these powers drop in price?
Answer: Yes. As time goes on, the demand gets lost, which makes more people sell the power. As nobody is buying, the price goes lower.
I hope you've managed to get all your questions answered! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask by leaving a comment below, and I'll reply to you as soon as possible!

Once again, Happy Mother's Day USA!  




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