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Hi guys!

Xat have decided to celebrate USA Mother's Day by re-releasing Fairy into the stores again since Black Friday 2011...!

500 released starting at 1,500 xats each, before dropping down in price. N.B. Price will drop!
Xat did not announce the release of Fairy on Twitter , but it has happened.

Update 1: Fairy powers are going out of the store very quickly...

Update 2: SOLD OUT! (4.15pm)
The final cost in the stores was a fairly cheap 1450 xats .

The price on Trade is currently at the cost of 1,550 - 1,700 xats . It's gone up rather fast, hasn't it?

Update 3: Fairy has gone up quite fast now, hasn't it? It's currently 1700 - 1800 xats on Trade, with users 'expecting / wanting' the price to go back up to 2000+ (original) in a couple' of weeks!

Key Points about Fairy

  • Remember, the price before the release was around 2000 - 2100 xats , so it's most likely not going to go higher than that, maybe even lower.
  • Because of this release, there are now a total of 8500 Fairy powers on xat!
Did you manage to get yourself a Fairy power? I was lucky and managed to get myself just 1, because I got back quite late! Hope you did, though! (: 

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