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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

x7000 DRIP Powers in Stores NOW! (CONSTANT UPDATES)

Hey guys!

At 6.30pm GMT xat released the bunch of DRIP powers!

I've got good and bad news to tell you about the following release! 

The GOOD news is that we've got the old release like everyone wanted back with us (at least for the time being...) again! Here's an image below to prove it to you!

7000 released costing 200 xats

However, the bad news was that xat had lied to us about how many we can buy! It's apparently 1 every 3-4 minutes , so that's a shame! Oh well!

I managed to catch a few users buying the power for 450 - 500 xats on Trade for some reason, perhaps because of how many users are permitted to purchase!

Update: SOLD OUT! The power sold out at 7.45pm GMT and is now at the cost of 240 - 260 xats each! Hope you managed to get one!

What do you think of the DRIP power? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below this post! 

DRIP Powers Releasing in 10 MINUTES!

IMPORTANT: x7000 DRIP Powers being released at **6.30pm GMT**

This was announced at **6.20pm GMT**.

Xat Announce DRIP Release...!

Hey guys!

That's right! At 5.10pm GMT xat announced on their Twitter how they're going to release the DRIP power!

7000 will be released costing 200 xats when it eventually is available for us all to buy!
That means... yep, you've guessed correctly, it's going to be a limited power! 7,000 isn't so much, and at least xat have told us how it will be released!

Also, more good news! Does this mean that the Power Auctions are going to come to an end, or does this mean that we can finally have one old release system?

Note: If you don't understand the terms "No buying limits" it simply means you can buy as many as you want. (e.g. 200, 300, etc)

What do you think of this? If it's all true, then I'm glad that the release is back to what it was before! We'll keep posting further updates as soon as possible! 


I'm thirsty! Power 185 is Known as DRIP!

Hey guys!

I was looking to get myself a drink, but instead I only found out what Power 185 was going to be...!

It's going to be known as DRIP. I went on xat_test at 3.30pm GMT when I had seen Ziggy... the only one who had the DRIP power!

Before, he had the main smiley of the power as his Display Icon...

Does the smiley look nice? That's what it looks like!
Update: DRIP has been released but it is currently unavailable . This was spotted at **3pm GMT**

So, that's everything you need to know about the new power! It is due to be released later today! And like always, we'll post you everything during the release!

Keep checking the blog for further updates!  

AishaSites... ONE Year on... a little Insight.

Hey guys!

Do you remember when the blog first opened? Well, that was on Monday 25th July 2011 , and I had constructed and worked on the blog until it was ready in September .

Now, It's coming up into July, so that means it'll be one whole year since the Blog and Chat was created!

Sadly, a few months ago I had decided to close the chat (xat.com/AishaSites) and decided to create the new chat also known as GameBanRequests


Well, the blog has been more popular than first anticipated. We've had over 15,000 hits! Xat have blocked blogspot so I had to sort the code in order for the blog to work, and it has! So recently, we've been getting a bit more views.

Our blog posts every piece of information from everything we gather from users who are friendly on xat! We give them credit, along with their ID, etc. We're the first blog out of Help, Trade, and even Xatworld in posting the new power releases and latest xat news! Want proof? Why don't you check us out every day!

So, what's the whole point in this post? Well, I'm thinking of having a 1st Anniversary Party to celebrate, depending on the times and if people can make it! It should be the Summer Holidays for all of us, so hopefully many of us can make it!

There will be contests, prizes, and just some time for us all to have fun and hang out! I'm not going to decide on the events or the chat unless I confirm and I get at least 30 comments of users saying they'd like it.

Update: If I receive more than 200 comments with different users and ID's then perhaps I will host a contest that's worth over 25,000 xats ...!      

When you leave a comment, just post your Registered name on xat as well as your ID, and say what you would 
1) Like to have at the party (events, etc)
2) If you are able to come
3) Your time zone and country

I will post further updates in a couple of weeks time! Don't forget to participate in our weekly poll!

Thanks guys!
~Aisha (Blog Owner)

Power 185 in the Works...

Hey guys!

It's been another busy and long week, but luckily it's Friday today! This means we get to see what the new power is going to be in a couple of hours...!

I managed to spot Christina with Power 185 as I was not able to see anyone else. You can see for yourself, below!

What do you think Power 185 is going to be? I can't wait to find out... but don't worry, I'll make sure to post it on the blog as soon as we uncover anymore info!

Meanwhile, you could leave a comment telling me if you think that it'll be limited or unlimited ...

6M ID's Introduced to xat!

Hey guys!

Last month , we saw 5M ID's being brought into xat... now it's taken less than a month for us to see 6M ID's ...!

Here's an image to show you proof of this!

Never thought we'd see the day: 6M ID's have already been seen around xat, and so fast...!  
Note: A special thanks to BiLLyGizmo (417358951) for pointing this out and showing me , I had no idea about this!

What are the reasons that they've appeared so fast? Could we be experiencing a whole set of new users on xat? We seen alot of them on Club Penguin chats during tracking seasons! Or perhaps many users still try and get a new ID and hope it's repeated?

Leave a comment to share me your thoughts and opinions!

x42 ZIP Powers at Auction NOW! (Final Release & Final Updates)

Hey guys!

I apologise for our last post , apparently this is the last release of ZIP from the Power Auction ... I guess xat have decided to be really sneaky on us, eh?!


42 released starting with the minimum cost at 300 xats each
The Auction was 6 hours long and was strange because the final price from the previous Auction was 320 xats. Because of this, the price on Trade had risen from 350 - 375 to 380 - 400 xats!

Update: Auction over! Here are the final prices and bids...  

Look at the price! It was sold out for 3146 xats! I find that ridiculous and hard to believe!

The price on Trade is now only 380 - 420 xats on Trade. The Auction finished at 4pm GMT .

Final Update: It's almost been a week, (Thursday evening) and the cost of ZIP is now 330 - 370 xats . The main cause was a user called Veso selling very cheap.

So, did you manage to get yourself a ZIP power through one of these Auctions? Looks like the Auctions aren't benefiting users with less xats!

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

Xat CONTESTS Chat Raided!

Hey guys!

Yes, we've already seen Help and also Riffy888 getting attacked, but now these bots have raided another official xat chat... Contests!

The invasion happened at around 10.45am GMT and only caused 1 extra tab, but it was still affected. Here's an image to show you below ...

What chat do you think will be attacked next? Share me your thoughts by leaving a comment below this post!

x1387 ZIP Powers at Auction NOW! (Last Release & CONSTANT Updates)

Hey guys!

The final release is happening at the moment, so make sure you buy your ZIP power at the Auction before it becomes LIMITED.

I know that I've missed out some of the releases , so I decided to put it on this post. We need accurate numbers, if possible, please!

1st release: x1000 released finishing at 600 xats each
2nd release: x1076 released finishing at 400 xats each
3rd release: x1015 released finishing at 450 xats each
4th release: x1000 released finishing at 350 xats each     

And thus, it brings us to the final Auction

x1387 released with the minimum cost starting at 200 xats each

The price on Trade is around 350 - 375 xats , so you could still perhaps try to earn yourself some form of profit!

Many people have been wondering whether this power was a good idea, since we already have GAG , which has more demand!

Update: Auction over! The final price was 320 xats. Because of the next Auction, the price on Trade is now 350 - 380 xats!

Did you manage to buy yourself a ZIP power? Leave a comment to let me know!

x1015 ZIP Powers at Auction NOW! (3rd Release & FINAL Updates)

Hey guys!

The next release happened straight after. 

The Auction is again 6 hours long, and there were x1015 released

Hope you managed to got yourself one! 

x1076 ZIP Powers in Auction NOW! (2nd Release & Constant Updates!)

Hey guys!

At around 10am GMT xat released the second set of ZIP powers into the Power Auction .


1076 released starting at a minimum cost of 200 xats each
 The Auction will last for 6 hours long , and will end at 4pm GMT.

Update: Auction Over! The final price was 400 xats. You can try and buy it on Trade as it is around 375 - 400 xats!

ZIP Power... Evening Check Up!

Hey guys!

The first release for the ZIP power has happened around half an hour ago. Now, we will give you all the information needed about the power...

  • It has a 5 second animation to it's smiley. Here are all the images I was able to get of what it kinda does...

  • It has a chance of going up. Here was a Trade Owner called Bryan who was buying alot of them. (This is because there are only going to be 5000 released)

  • It is a LIMITED power.
  • For the full information about the function and ALL our release coverage, including the previous one, keep checking the blog!
Remember, the final minimum cost in the Auction was 600 xats . The price on Trade is now around 650 - 700 xats.

Did you buy yourself a ZIP power? Or perhaps you have Gag instead, and that's better? Let me know by leaving a comment to let me know!

1000 ZIP Powers at Auction NOW!

Hey guys!

At around 4pm GMT xat released ZIP into the xat Power Auction

1000 released starting at a minimum cost of 200 - 250 xats each

It was confirmed on xat that there would be 4 more releases after this one, (tomorrow) so there will be a total of 5000 ZIP powers on xat! Not much, huh?

Anyways, here is an image of the first Auction, which was taken at (5.45pm GMT)

Auctions are starting to become a bad idea , as the minimum price is getting very expensive! Anyway, good luck if you're going to try and bid on one!

Note: Remember that ZIP is going to be a limited power!

Update: The Auction has now FINISHED! The final price was around 600 xats , with no more being released until sometime tomorrow! 

What do you think of the ZIP power? Will you avoid it because of the Auction? Leave a comment and let me know!

ZIPBAN... Actually called Zip... A little INSIGHT!

Hey guys!

Yesterday , we found out that xat had announced what the new power was going to be on Twitter which we had already uncovered. 

Note: If you missed it, here is what they had announced...

Today at 4.20pm GMT I went on xat_test to see that the power was actually called ZIP . Yes, it is a type of ban like we had all known, but not a GameBan, and I don't think we'll be seeing one of them for a while...!

Many people say that it's just like the GAG power.

REMEMBER THIS?: The GAG power lets users unable to send a message or smiley, and has the same gagging sign next to their name as on the pawn. The maximum is 1 hour!   

The reason they say this is because ZIP lets users unable to talk, but Gag is more stricter! However, you can ban for longer with ZIP. GAG doesn't let the user send any form of message, while ZIP lets users talk, but it appears as blank!

Anyhows, many users still think that GAG is a better power.

What do you think of the ZIP power? Would you buy it because it seems cheaper than GAG, or do you think that GAG is a better power? Give me your opinions by leaving a comment below this post! 

Xat Login... Logging in with FaceBook!

Hey guys!

Facebook is becoming so popular , and it seems as though xat are also catching onto this craze! Below you can look at what they've changed ...

As you can see above, you can now also login with Facebook!

Have you tried this yet? Leave a comment to let me know!


Hey guys!

Yes , that's right , you've read the name of our post correctly!

Notice: Please read everything in our post to understand everything that will happen.

I will be creating my own wikipedia about xat. It's already been made late last night, and I will be spending the next few weeks working on it!


I'm fully aware that there's already an Official Xat wikipedia, but I feel that it does not cover so much stuff...

Q: Why do you want to make your own xat Wikipedia?

That's a very good question some of you may ask. I feel that some of the topics are not covered much, such as powers and some of their history. I was also influenced by the Club Penguin wiki that is very famous and is still around today! Perhaps in a few years it could become very popular.

Q: What will happen with the blog?

Don't worry about a thing! The blog will still function and be fully active as we still are now! I will be working on the blog more than I will be doing on the Wikipedia.

If there are anymore questions, feel free to leave a comment. Also post a comment if you think this would be a good idea. I do have some good xat knowledge, and I will feel very privileged if other users with xat knowledge could help out!

To access the Wikipedia, here's the link!

New Power WILL be ZIPBAN...!

Hey guys!

At 5.40pm GMT I went on xat and I checked their Twitter , where it had said that the new power coming was going to be called Zipban!

I will show you with the image below what they had announced!

ANNOUNCEMENT: It was announced at 5.20pm GMT , where testing will begin either later today or tomorrow.  
As you can see, It's going to be another Gameban. We haven't seen them in a while, have we?! 

We'll post you about what the power does , along with the smiley! You'll most likely have to complete a ban. Also, you can try out the new power at GameBanRequests

What do you think you'll have to do with ZIPBAN? Leave a comment and let me know!

THE INSIDER: Trade Power Crazes

Hey guys!

I was on Trade this afternoon (5pm) and I had come up with an idea! Since many people go on Trade , and many users find this blog useful, I was thinking of making it even more beneficial!

I will be having a Trade log every Wednesday to show what the latest power crazes are.

Leave a comment if you think this will help you, and it may start tomorrow  .

NEW Login Function ADDED!

Hey xat users!

Well, I'm not sure that I would consider it as a Function, but xat have added a new thing once you have successfully logged in!

What is it, you may ask? Well, why don't you take a look at the image below for yourself?!

If you can see above, it shows you're ID and registered username on. Obviously this isn't very helpful, but the ID may be! I sure find it helpful!

What do you think of this? Not much to say, but if so, leave a comment below!

170M Auction CLOSED!

Hey guys!

The Auction for the extremely rare ID 170M has now been set to a close ...

The demand wasn't as much as expected, but things like 7 digits have had their values decreased alot, so there's no surprise there! 

Below has the winner of the 170M Auction...

Awesome, Congratulations on the ID! Quite less than what I had expected! 

Do you think 170M is a good ID? Give me your thoughts by posting a comment below.

Auction for RARE 170M!

Hey guys!

Yes, you've read the title correctly, xat are putting a RARE ID up on Auction with users able to try and bid on it! Why aren't we putting it on the ID page? Well, just in case any of you may have missed it!

The Auction started at around 2-2.30pm GMT and xat had announced it on their Twitter as you can see so below ...

ID for the rare 170M has begun. This ID is actually (170000000) and is not only a very repeated digit, but it is also a 9 digit , so the value might not worth so much, you may think?
 Wrong! ID's known as 11M (8 digit) was sold for a huge 610,000 xats, 1M (7 digit) was worth around 200,000 - 250,000 xats at the time, and there's other ID's as well as 140M , 150M and 179M with a few more ...!

Anyway, here is the Auction. You can get directed to it the same as it is on the same page as the usual ID's!

You have 24 hours to attempt a bid for this awesome ID, until the Auction comes to a finish . There is currently a battle between the two users you can see above! Why there are x2 170M with the same users, I'm not sure ... perhaps a glitch!

The reason the Auction is so long is because xat want a big value out of it, as it has always been that way with these kinds of digits! As you may already know, they're worth alot because they show up as 170M instead of 170000000 which makes it unique!

Anyways, if you're hoping on bidding for the ID, good luck! In a few hours time, the bids may take an increase of up to 100,000 xats!


New Pawn

Hey guys!

I've seen a few users with the pawn shown in the image below ...

Could this come along with the JAIL power that released earlier today? We'll keep you updated if we know anything else!

JAIL Power has been Released!

Hey guys!

At 10am GMT xat announced on Twitter that they had finally released the Jail power ...!

It is an unlimited power and costs at the price of a strange 190 xats

A pretty strange price to release for in my opinion, do you agree? Anyway, let's get on with the Function of it ...

Note: Currently the smiley for (handsup) currently does not work. It will be fixed shortly, so please be patient.

What do you think of JAIL? I think that it seems quite nice, but will drop down in price quickly! Remember to let me know your thoughts on this new power...!


Go to Jail... or Buy Power 183!

Hey guys!

Don't be afraid of being blackmailed by the title... xat have just confirmed what Power 183 is going to be, and we apologise for being a little late as well ...

Power 183 is going to be called Jail

Here is a user I found who does have the power!

What do you think of the JAIL power? Are you going to buy yourself one? For the following Functions, check our post when it releases!

Facebook Homepage Added onto CHAT

Hey guys!

Do you remember our last post, where I had shown you someone with a Facebook link as well as a Homepage? 

Well, when you send a message onto the chat, it appears there as well as the homepage! Don't understand what I mean? Take a look at the image below!

What do you think? I think it looks quite weird, but cool at the same time! Let me know your thoughts!

Power 183 SPOTTED!

Hey guys!

I was on xat_test at around 5.20pm GMT when I had seen that there was the new power, also known as (183) on xat!

Here's an image of the Main Owner there having it!
It was also announced on the chat's scroller!

What do you think Power 183 is going to be? Leave a comment and let me know what you think it is!


Facebook Homepage Added!

Hey guys, guess what?!

If you're a Facebook fan, then you're going to love what xat have done now!

They've added a Facebook Homepage to link to your facebook wall / profile etc as well as the new homepage design!

What do you think? Are you a Facebook user who'll benefit? Let me know by leaving a comment!

New ID Auction Page

Hey guys!

Starting today there will be a NEW , yes I said NEW page set for ID Auctions only!

Why? Well, as most of our posts on the blog cover ID's and the Auctions recently, I thought it would be a great idea to post them all on a separate page, where you can also keep in track with the latest changes easier!

How will we access it?
It's the same as any other page, but time to time I will post a link to direct you to the page where you can see every ID that is posted in the Auction, something that no other blog has ever done before!

We will also make an official banner like the one we have now that will instead direct you to the auction page instead of having to search it! Sweet, huh?

Leave a comment to let me know any other ideas, or if this idea will be more helpful! We'll be done with the page officially by Tuesday Evening.   

Xat Release NEW Homepage Styles!

Hey guys!

The rumors that they were going to change the homepage styles like the ones on Riffy888 and Monchocho are actually TRUE!

I was on some of the Official xat chats to show you evidence that it's now changed and confirmed

Trade is probably the most popular chat on the whole of the site apart from a few rare occasions... though it's not really the first to be affected in changes.

Help is usually a chat that is the first to be changed when new construction is bought in.

And finally xat_test, a chat usually used for testing new things... but for some reason there wasn't any changes to the homepage design until now!

So, if these chats have the new changes then surely every other chat might! What do you think of the new homepage styles? I think that they're awesome, apart from when you click a user and see the homepage, where the link doesn't show!

Make sure you leave a comment to let me know if you have any thoughts (:

Monchocho's Chat AFFECTED With Homepage Glitch!

On our last post, I made a discovery that on Riffy888 the Homepage style was different . Well, I went on another CP chat as a friend was there, called Monchocho , and the same thing happened there as well!

Here are the following images I managed to take ...

Users sending messages will have a house next to their name if they have got themselves a homepage.

The same things also happened to Riffy888, so I won't repeat it all over again.

If you've spotted any other chats affected, please leave a comment and let me know... or could this be perhaps only Club Penguin chats? 

Aishasites' Official Chat!

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