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6M ID's Introduced to xat!

Hey guys!

Last month , we saw 5M ID's being brought into xat... now it's taken less than a month for us to see 6M ID's ...!

Here's an image to show you proof of this!

Never thought we'd see the day: 6M ID's have already been seen around xat, and so fast...!  
Note: A special thanks to BiLLyGizmo (417358951) for pointing this out and showing me , I had no idea about this!

What are the reasons that they've appeared so fast? Could we be experiencing a whole set of new users on xat? We seen alot of them on Club Penguin chats during tracking seasons! Or perhaps many users still try and get a new ID and hope it's repeated?

Leave a comment to share me your thoughts and opinions!


  1. I can't wait for 7m ID's to be reproduced!

    Maybe if it took less than a month for 6m, then I wonder how long it'll take for the next generation...

  2. woah, I never noticed them either!
    thanks for the info billy :D


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