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500 ANGEL Powers at Auction NOW! (Constant Updates)

Hi everyone!

This is probably the power that many users were expecting and waiting for, and was probably too predictable that xat would leave this as one of the last powers...

Anyway, they've done it. ANGEL has been released into the Auction

500 released starting at a minimum cost of 2,000 xats each

Most of these Auctions have had 2 hours while GAG had 90 minutes , and BOOT had around 10 hours. However, now ANGEL has had a 3 hour Auction . Perhaps this is because they want the cost to go up higher...?

Many users have complained about the Power Auction going on right now. Could this be because...?

  • Too many limited powers are being re-released so there won't be much choice in profit, and demand levels will go down too much? 
  • Powers such as DIAMOND were remembered for being costs such as 4,000 xats , but now that won't happen because of how often they're released? Because of the Auction they are now around 500 - 550 xats
  • Ones that have managed to finally go up to a good cost, E.g. Sins , Manga have now been re-released for xat to try and make extra profits, but now they've gone down more when they could've gone even higher in price!
There are many more reasons, I am sure to tell you...

Get the latest Updates with the ANGEL power

Update 1: People are now selling ANGEL for 7600 xats as they are desperate to try and sell. They've already had a day! 

The price for sellers is now 7600 - 8200 xats while the minimum cost is still 2,000 xats! (1.59pm)

Update 2: There's less than half an hour left on the Auction and the minimum cost is now currently 2131 xats . This is setting everyone off!

Boot has now been dropped to become 6000 - 6500 xats , GOLD has also been slipped to 46000 - 46500 xats. 

SIX has been dropped to 1800 - 1900 xats. 

Update 3: Price has gone up to 3,000 xats, with soon only 10 minutes left to go! (4.23pm)

Update 4: Oh my goodness! ANGEL is going higher and higher quickly through Auction! The cost has now gone over 4,000 xats!

Update 5: The Auction has now FINISHED. The final cost was 4350 xats (4.38pm)

Did you manage to get yourself an Angel power? This is one of the highlights of the Auction, although many disagree with it.      



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