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Xat Release NEW Homepage Styles!

Hey guys!

The rumors that they were going to change the homepage styles like the ones on Riffy888 and Monchocho are actually TRUE!

I was on some of the Official xat chats to show you evidence that it's now changed and confirmed

Trade is probably the most popular chat on the whole of the site apart from a few rare occasions... though it's not really the first to be affected in changes.

Help is usually a chat that is the first to be changed when new construction is bought in.

And finally xat_test, a chat usually used for testing new things... but for some reason there wasn't any changes to the homepage design until now!

So, if these chats have the new changes then surely every other chat might! What do you think of the new homepage styles? I think that they're awesome, apart from when you click a user and see the homepage, where the link doesn't show!

Make sure you leave a comment to let me know if you have any thoughts (:

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