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KSHEEP Going Down...

Hey guys!

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I had shown you someone called Veso who had around 2500 KSHEEP powers? Well, he made the price go up to 300 - 400 xats!

Now, the value is going down and he is selling hundreds of them! I was interested and managed to buy 100 off him as he usually sells cheap!

Trading: He demanded 16,000 xats for his 100 KSHEEP, but I offered 14,000. I then did halfway between the two deals and requested 15k and he said that was ok.  
In the end, I managed to make a profit of 2,000 xats!

Have you bought a KSHEEP power yet, or are you not bothered about it? Remember, if you ever want to profit on it in general, make sure you read our post about the release in the April Archive! If you want the price, just check our fully updated Fair Trade Guide

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