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Power Auction FINISHED (Confirmation)

Hey guys!

I have now confirmation that the Power Auction has finally ended!

Here are all the powers and the prices and the quantity in the following orders...!

There you go! That's all the powers that released and the following Information for them! As you can see, we're currently missing a few prices, so it would be very helpful if you can fill them in for us!

What power did you buy in the Auctions? Did you manage to make some profit? Maybe you're against the Auctions and are joining the 'Anti_Auctions' group? Do you have any questions?

If so, make sure you leave a comment below this post...!



  1. antiauctionroy4 June 2012 at 05:54

    i thought the auction was pointless whats gonna happen on black friday? :s

  2. i got myself a few angel powers, but everything else in the auction was stupid..

    only good for 42 to make a couple of xats

  3. wildwest was no profit lol.

    like it says, if the price on trade before was 400-450 xats, and the minimum starts at 500 xats..

    anyways it stopped at 500 LOL

  4. Boot was sold very cheap, but it went down in a few hours. Angel however was the highlight of the day.

    However, there's one problem. Xat released around 15 limited powers.. so now what's gonna happen to black friday? Powers drop even more? they should have waited for it to go up more, or just leave black friday as they make enough bucks off everyone!


    It has ALL the information needed! i was trying to find out all the information from this auction, and NO site helped! I'm glad I found this out ty

  6. i really wanted angel so bad but i didnt have enough xats! ugh

  7. the Auction was awesome!! I managed to get many stuff i couldn't before :D


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