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AishaSites... ONE Year on... a little Insight.

Hey guys!

Do you remember when the blog first opened? Well, that was on Monday 25th July 2011 , and I had constructed and worked on the blog until it was ready in September .

Now, It's coming up into July, so that means it'll be one whole year since the Blog and Chat was created!

Sadly, a few months ago I had decided to close the chat (xat.com/AishaSites) and decided to create the new chat also known as GameBanRequests


Well, the blog has been more popular than first anticipated. We've had over 15,000 hits! Xat have blocked blogspot so I had to sort the code in order for the blog to work, and it has! So recently, we've been getting a bit more views.

Our blog posts every piece of information from everything we gather from users who are friendly on xat! We give them credit, along with their ID, etc. We're the first blog out of Help, Trade, and even Xatworld in posting the new power releases and latest xat news! Want proof? Why don't you check us out every day!

So, what's the whole point in this post? Well, I'm thinking of having a 1st Anniversary Party to celebrate, depending on the times and if people can make it! It should be the Summer Holidays for all of us, so hopefully many of us can make it!

There will be contests, prizes, and just some time for us all to have fun and hang out! I'm not going to decide on the events or the chat unless I confirm and I get at least 30 comments of users saying they'd like it.

Update: If I receive more than 200 comments with different users and ID's then perhaps I will host a contest that's worth over 25,000 xats ...!      

When you leave a comment, just post your Registered name on xat as well as your ID, and say what you would 
1) Like to have at the party (events, etc)
2) If you are able to come
3) Your time zone and country

I will post further updates in a couple of weeks time! Don't forget to participate in our weekly poll!

Thanks guys!
~Aisha (Blog Owner)

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