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x1387 ZIP Powers at Auction NOW! (Last Release & CONSTANT Updates)

Hey guys!

The final release is happening at the moment, so make sure you buy your ZIP power at the Auction before it becomes LIMITED.

I know that I've missed out some of the releases , so I decided to put it on this post. We need accurate numbers, if possible, please!

1st release: x1000 released finishing at 600 xats each
2nd release: x1076 released finishing at 400 xats each
3rd release: x1015 released finishing at 450 xats each
4th release: x1000 released finishing at 350 xats each     

And thus, it brings us to the final Auction

x1387 released with the minimum cost starting at 200 xats each

The price on Trade is around 350 - 375 xats , so you could still perhaps try to earn yourself some form of profit!

Many people have been wondering whether this power was a good idea, since we already have GAG , which has more demand!

Update: Auction over! The final price was 320 xats. Because of the next Auction, the price on Trade is now 350 - 380 xats!

Did you manage to buy yourself a ZIP power? Leave a comment to let me know!

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