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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

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EXCLUSIVE: Xat Homepage Glitch

Hey guys!

That's right, the title says it all! This post is EXCLUSIVE and was found out all by myself! At around 6.45pm GMT I went on a chat I sometimes go to, where I saw that something strange had happened...!

The CP chat also known as Riffy888 had been affected with something nobody's ever seen before yet ... (read below for more info)

When I went on the chat, everybody's Homepage had changed into something I've never seen before! It has better graphics, like shown in the image(s) below ...

CHANGED: Can you see a difference where the arrow is shown? The homepage design has been changed and looks different from what we're used to!

Here are the differences of the two homepages to show you evidence that it's been changed / glitched...

Normal homepage style
EXCLUSIVE: New homepage style
When I clicked another User on the chat, it also had the same homepage. Usually, the link would show next to the house like shown below ...

ORIGINAL: What your homepage usually looks like!

CHANGED: What the homepage looks like on Riffy888. In order to see what the homepage is, you have to hold your mouse on the house

It also appears when a user types a message onto the chat.
Note: For some reason the house only comes up like shown below for certain few users on the chat ... (maybe ones with an actual homepage)

Update: It appears as users who don't have a homepage won't have the house next to their name like shown below ...

And finally, when I want to edit / change my homepage, (click your name like shown below) you can see the two differences...

TIP: For those who don't know how to edit your homepage, you first click whoever you are. For me, I would click the following user. (You'll know when you have the right person because 1) you're at the top 2) It will have the following message shown in the green box!
The image on the top is when I am on Help , and the second one was when I was on Riffy888 . Are you able to spot the differences below?

That's everything that I've managed to uncover from the following glitch... or perhaps it's not a glitch and is being developed?! 

 If you want to try it out for yourself, then come onto Riffy888 by clicking here

What do you think of this? Do you think this could be a possible sneak peak into what's going to happen in the upcoming weeks? Have you seen this, or could it be just a glitch? Leave a comment below to let me know!


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