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NO New Powers... but a LIMITED POWER Weekend!

Hey guys!

Yes, the name says it all, but that's because 42 confirmed that there will be no new powers being created and released onto xat this week...

However, 42 is planning on re-released limited powers onto the Power Auction ...! 

200 Boot powers released into the Power Auction as the first of the set of limited powers releasing!

Here is the current standing of the Boot power as from 8.13am...

NOTE: The maximum you are able to buy in the Auction is 80 . (you must be pretty rich to buy that, lol)

The Auction will finish at 9am GMT so make sure you get yours now if you want to buy it! You have less than an hour to do so...!

Or, you could try and buy it cheap on Trade, as the price has been DROPPED to the following 8,000 xats. (there are no users buying the power)


It has never been re-released into the stores since April 2009 until Black Friday 2011 where x100 released for 9300 xats!

Boot's price before the release was around 8500 - 8700 xats and was losing demand, so was going to drop even more!

 It has been over 8,000 xats since 2010, and has not been dropped down below that ever SINCE!  

Boot is to be considered an EPIC power due to its constant high price! 

UPDATE 1: FINISHED! The Auction has now ended and was sold at a very cheap price, rumored to be around 7300 xats (9.08am)

UPDATE2: Namecolor was being sold for 9700 xats , so you may want to buy that sometime now or later! (9.08am)

UPDATE 3: CONFIRMATION! Boot was sold for 7212 xats . There were around 197 bids so hopefully you were able to get yours! (9.29am)

FINAL UPDATE: Boot power(s) have been distributed. Re-login to your xat account to purchase the acquired quantity. 

The price is now currently 7300 - 7500 xats as FADE is now released into Auction! (9.56am)
TIP: Wait a few hours until more users come on, where the demand for the BOOT power will be higher. Usually it takes some time for the price to be settled.

Another reason it's so low is because there are other powers being released into Auction. Many users are expecting Angel to also be released, the second highest rare power on xat!

What do you think? Are you going to try and buy yourself a Boot power? I think this will be the most successful (hopefully), than the others yet to come!

Remember, there are going to be MORE powers to be released through the Auction , so don't get too carried away with your spending!

We'll post any further updates in the future. Keep checking our blog for the #01 full updates on future releases coming THIS WEEKEND!

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