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200 NAMECOLOR Powers at Auction NOW! (Final Updates)

Hey guys!

This could also lead to some good profit, as at around 9.40pm GMT xat put the EPIC power known as NameColor into the Auction

200 released starting at a minimum cost of 3000 xats each

NameColor is 10,000 xats in the store, and because of the Auction going on, the cost dropped to 9800 - 9850 xats. However, this could soon become interesting as it is now on sale... 

** Keep in track with the LATEST UPDATES **

Update 1:
The Auction for Namecolor has now FINISHED. The final price was 8800 xats as you can see so below ... (It finished at 1.30am GMT as the Auction was 4 hours)

There were a total of 192 bids made for the power, but it's unlikely that users would get more than 5 unless they were super rich!

Update 2: 
The price on Trade is now around 9700 - 9800 xats . Also, there has been no new powers, so this could mean that the Auction has FINISHED (8.40am)

Update 3:
Other powers are starting to slowly go up now. ANGEL has become 6900 - 7100 xats, BOOT has gone back to 7000 - 7200, DIAMOND is now 600 - 650 and GAG has become 650 - 750 xats.

SINS is now 850 - 900 and ADVENTURE 500 xats, finally FLOWER is 850 - 1000 xats!

So, did you manage to buy yourself a NameColor power? It's quite cheap, and you would have made quite a bit of profit there!

We'll give you a summary of all the powers INVOLVED in the Auction soon!


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