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x42 ZIP Powers at Auction NOW! (Final Release & Final Updates)

Hey guys!

I apologise for our last post , apparently this is the last release of ZIP from the Power Auction ... I guess xat have decided to be really sneaky on us, eh?!


42 released starting with the minimum cost at 300 xats each
The Auction was 6 hours long and was strange because the final price from the previous Auction was 320 xats. Because of this, the price on Trade had risen from 350 - 375 to 380 - 400 xats!

Update: Auction over! Here are the final prices and bids...  

Look at the price! It was sold out for 3146 xats! I find that ridiculous and hard to believe!

The price on Trade is now only 380 - 420 xats on Trade. The Auction finished at 4pm GMT .

Final Update: It's almost been a week, (Thursday evening) and the cost of ZIP is now 330 - 370 xats . The main cause was a user called Veso selling very cheap.

So, did you manage to get yourself a ZIP power through one of these Auctions? Looks like the Auctions aren't benefiting users with less xats!

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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