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Auction for RARE 170M!

Hey guys!

Yes, you've read the title correctly, xat are putting a RARE ID up on Auction with users able to try and bid on it! Why aren't we putting it on the ID page? Well, just in case any of you may have missed it!

The Auction started at around 2-2.30pm GMT and xat had announced it on their Twitter as you can see so below ...

ID for the rare 170M has begun. This ID is actually (170000000) and is not only a very repeated digit, but it is also a 9 digit , so the value might not worth so much, you may think?
 Wrong! ID's known as 11M (8 digit) was sold for a huge 610,000 xats, 1M (7 digit) was worth around 200,000 - 250,000 xats at the time, and there's other ID's as well as 140M , 150M and 179M with a few more ...!

Anyway, here is the Auction. You can get directed to it the same as it is on the same page as the usual ID's!

You have 24 hours to attempt a bid for this awesome ID, until the Auction comes to a finish . There is currently a battle between the two users you can see above! Why there are x2 170M with the same users, I'm not sure ... perhaps a glitch!

The reason the Auction is so long is because xat want a big value out of it, as it has always been that way with these kinds of digits! As you may already know, they're worth alot because they show up as 170M instead of 170000000 which makes it unique!

Anyways, if you're hoping on bidding for the ID, good luck! In a few hours time, the bids may take an increase of up to 100,000 xats!


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