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SHOCKER Powers In Auction NOW! (Constant Updates)

Hi everyone!

The third power to be released into Auction is this amazing power ...!

CLUE: This power was released in 2010 before the ANGRY power, and was risen by someone who had bought x1300 to bring out alot of demand.

Remember this? That's right, It's Shocker. Right, I bet that was a shocker for you, eh?

Anyhows, at around 1.30pm GMT xat announced on Twitter that it was up for Auction...

200 released starting at 600 xats each , which is quite expensive to be put up for Auction!

The price on Trade before the release was 600 - 650 xats , so this could turn out quite interesting. Maybe it will drop more because there are now more being bought, or it may raise because users can buy...?

Different from all the other Auctions we've seen so far, it says that the Auction time can be extended. We've seen this happen before with KBEE, but at least now we're all aware of this!
 Anyway, below are the following Updates to keep track in the latest changes!

UPDATE 1: Auction FINISHED! The final price was a big 700 xats , more than what it was on Trade!

There were also only 140 bids, so now everyone who managed to bid for a Shocker power are able to buy one!  (3.35pm)

Did you manage to buy yourself a Shocker power? Not one of the profiters' favorite, but some users may have wanted to buy it!

Make sure you keep checking the Auction for more powers that are yet to come...!


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