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New ID Auction Page

Hey guys!

Starting today there will be a NEW , yes I said NEW page set for ID Auctions only!

Why? Well, as most of our posts on the blog cover ID's and the Auctions recently, I thought it would be a great idea to post them all on a separate page, where you can also keep in track with the latest changes easier!

How will we access it?
It's the same as any other page, but time to time I will post a link to direct you to the page where you can see every ID that is posted in the Auction, something that no other blog has ever done before!

We will also make an official banner like the one we have now that will instead direct you to the auction page instead of having to search it! Sweet, huh?

Leave a comment to let me know any other ideas, or if this idea will be more helpful! We'll be done with the page officially by Tuesday Evening.   

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