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ZIP Power... Evening Check Up!

Hey guys!

The first release for the ZIP power has happened around half an hour ago. Now, we will give you all the information needed about the power...

  • It has a 5 second animation to it's smiley. Here are all the images I was able to get of what it kinda does...

  • It has a chance of going up. Here was a Trade Owner called Bryan who was buying alot of them. (This is because there are only going to be 5000 released)

  • It is a LIMITED power.
  • For the full information about the function and ALL our release coverage, including the previous one, keep checking the blog!
Remember, the final minimum cost in the Auction was 600 xats . The price on Trade is now around 650 - 700 xats.

Did you buy yourself a ZIP power? Or perhaps you have Gag instead, and that's better? Let me know by leaving a comment to let me know!

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