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1000 ZIP Powers at Auction NOW!

Hey guys!

At around 4pm GMT xat released ZIP into the xat Power Auction

1000 released starting at a minimum cost of 200 - 250 xats each

It was confirmed on xat that there would be 4 more releases after this one, (tomorrow) so there will be a total of 5000 ZIP powers on xat! Not much, huh?

Anyways, here is an image of the first Auction, which was taken at (5.45pm GMT)

Auctions are starting to become a bad idea , as the minimum price is getting very expensive! Anyway, good luck if you're going to try and bid on one!

Note: Remember that ZIP is going to be a limited power!

Update: The Auction has now FINISHED! The final price was around 600 xats , with no more being released until sometime tomorrow! 

What do you think of the ZIP power? Will you avoid it because of the Auction? Leave a comment and let me know!

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