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At around 2pm GBT Time, xat decided to re-release Heart into the stores to celebrate this year's Valentine's Day!

2000 were released, and cost 2,000 xats each. N.B. Price will drop!

The price on Trade was originally 1600 - 1650 xats, and people are now desperate to sell at the same price. There are rumours that it will go under 1,000 xats soon!

NOTE: Check below for latest updates on the Heart power!

Update 1: Heart has been dropped to 1959 xats! (2.15pm) That is a reducement of 41 xats!

Update 2: Heart has been dropped to 1918 xats! (2.20pm) A reducement of 41 xats!

Update 3: There are now currently 1997 Heart remaining! The price is still the same. (2.29pm)

Update 4: Heart is now currently down to 1877 xats! (2.32pm) 

Update 5: Heart is now currently 1836 xats! (2.43pm) Like Valentine, there is confirmation going on that the power drops 41 xats every 10 minutes!

Update 6: Heart has now gone down to 1795 xats! (2.51pm) 

Update 7: Heart has been dropped to 1754 xats! (3.02pm) There are currently 1996 remaining!

Update 8: Heart is now at the price of 1713 xats! (3.15pm) People are now trying to sell the power between 1500 - 1550 xats, because of how rapidly it is dropping in store. 1993 remaining!

Update 9: The price is now gone down to 1672 xats! (3.22pm) It has now also been confirmed that Heart goes down 41 xats every 10 minutes! The price in store is almost as much as it was on Trade beforehand, and it has only been 90 minutes!

Update 10: Heart dropped to 1631 xats! (3.31pm) 

Update 11: The price has now dropped more to the price of 1590 xats! (3.42pm) It has dropped 410 xats in the time of 100 minutes!

Update 12: Heart is now 1549 xats. (3.55pm) Purple has also dropped in price and is now currently between 20400 - 20600 xats, while Diamond has gone down to 950 - 1000 xats.

Update 13: The price of Heart has now gone down to 1508 xats! (4.00pm) Now this is the stage where the power goes really down! Meanwhile, Heartfx is at the price of 170 - 185 xats, and will probably drop more as the powers go cheaper!

Update 14: Heart has become the price of 1467 xats! (4.09pm) We are almost at the price it was sold at last year. Meanwhile, more powers are slightly going down cheaper due to the releases we have experienced this afternoon. 

Update 15: Price has now gone down to 1426 xats. (4.19pm) The price on Trade is now currently 1350 - 1400 xats, and there are currently 1984 remaining! We have also seen that Heart seems to go down more in price before Valentine seems to!

Update 16: Heart has now become 1385 xats. (4.30pm) I doubt it can become cheaper than it was at 750 xats in 2010, but can it be under 1k?! There was someone selling for 1350 xats.

Update 17: The current price is now 1344 xats! (4.40pm) Everyone is making fun by trying to buy the power for 1,000 xats, but nobody is selling. *obviously*.

Update 18: It has now gone down to 1303 xats! (4.51pm) I see Vale, an Owner on Trade, selling the power for 1250 xats! It's sure getting on peoples nerves now!

Update 19: Very cheap now! The price has been dropped to 1262 xats! (5pm) I can't imagine Heart going up anytime soon after it's gone, do you?!

Update 20: Price is now 1221 xats! (5.12pm)

Update 21: Down to 1180 xats. (5.21pm)

Update 22: Now It's 1139 xats. (5.32pm)

Update 23: Heart is now 1098 xats! (5.41pm) There are 1961 remaining! People are now buying for 950 - 1050 xats and have been for some time.

Update 24: 1057 xats. (5.52pm)

Update 25: Reduced to 1016 xats. (6.02pm)  

Update 26: Heart doesn't seem to be dropping anymore. It's been at 1016 xats for a few minutes overdue now... (6.12pm)


Did you manage to buy yourself a Heart power?! Last time it was this cheap in stores was February 2010, where it was 750 xats! OR do you prefer Heartfx? Post a comment if you have any opinions, it'd be cool to know what you think!

OPINION: Heart will end up being like Gag in a week and be at the price of 900 - 1,000 xats. This is because it was 1600 - 1650 before it came out, and 2000 released. It's sure to fail soon.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! xx   

Heart power History

Heart was the first limited power to be ever released on xat. It was a Valentine's themed power, and it originally was at a very cheap price of 25 xats. It was out February 2009!

The power had become 1300 - 1350 xats on November 2009. It was pretty rare, and was special too! Eventually though, that time had to come...

In February 2010, because it was Valentine's Day, xat released only 500 Hearts costing a cheap 750 xats each! After the release, the price only dropped a little, and became 1100 - 1150 xats.

A few months after, the power kept going up and down. It was either 1700 - 1900 xats or 2000 - 2500 xats! It has never been going up more than that, and also raises every couple of months. However, in February 2011, xat released Heart completley different...!

1500 Hearts came out costing an expensive 1440 xats each! The price was 1500 - 1600 xats beforehand, and after it became limited once again it had dropped to 1300 - 1350 xats. Now, we are at the stage of where the Heart power is out again, and is very cheap.

Do you think the power will raise again? If you have an opinion, leave a comment below, I'd be interested to hear your side of things!     

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