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CARNIVAL Power Released!

At around 11pm GMT Time, xat had managed to release power 167 known as Carnival!

It was released as an unlimited power costing 250 xats, however xat have not announced this on their twitter page... Take a look!

This is the same as Heartfx. Don't think that it will suddenly turn limited now, because it's unlikely going to happen now.

Carnival comes with 16 Carnival themed smilies! They are the following in order from left to right...
(carnival) (carniphant) (cjester) (cmask) (flowersquirt) (headdress) (kreu) (shakeit) (wannasamba) (yeayea) (cjester2) (cbird) (cangel) (anonmask) (beads) (brazilboom)

The power also comes with 2 pawns for a limited time only! They are the following...

Remember, you must have both, Carnival and Hat in order to use these cool hats!

What do you think of Carnival? Did you buy one? Leave a comment and give me your thoughts! 

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