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Xat Power 314, 'REVEAL!' (and 10 GOLD Released)

Hey xat fans!

This week it seems that the new power is called 'Reveal' , power ID 314 and seems to be another christmas themed power.

This power is limited, and comes with 11 Christmas smileys! I'll post the smileys later on in the weekend when it becomes sold out.

Meanwhile, at **9.30am GMT** (around an hour ago), Tom2 was kind enough to release some GOLD powers, as the price is so expensive! However, it was in the POWER AUCTION instead of the stores.

20 released costing 50,000 xats .

This Auction will be over 10 hours long, so who knows what price the power will end up being at the end of the Auction!

The price didn't seem to change much, with it still being 55,000 - 55,500 xats on Trade. Wow guys :o


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