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x1000 MATCHRACE Powers at Stores NOW! (Constant Updates)

Hey guys!

Early yesterday morning 42 released some more MATCHRACE powers, and man are they doing so bad through the stores!

x1000 released costing 400 xats

Xat did not announce this release via @twitter but we did find out about it. Here it is a day later (today @10am)

Why could the demand be so low, you may wonder? Why isn't it making NO profit whatsoever? Well, there are a few reasons for this...

  1. MATCHRACE is a game that you don't need to buy the power in order to play the game. Many official xat chats have the power and as they are very popular, all the users just go there and it's a success! Why buy the power for your own chat if nobody comes (no offense) but chats like the official Matchrace chat has over 60+ people! 
2. Following our first point, if the demand goes so low because nobody wants to buy the power, then the users who bought it thinking it would 'profit' would have no choice but to sell.

However, because nobody wants to buy it, they are forced to try and sell lower than they bought for (store price) and they use it being released in stores to stop it from going down even FURTHER!
But don't worry guys, soon it will hopefully become UNLIMITED. There are currently 2500 in TOTAL.

Did you play the MATCHRACE game yet, or buy the power? Let me know by leaving a comment below this post!

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