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'BURNINGHEART' Released in Power Stores... but NOT Currently AVAILABLE!

Hey guys!

At **2.15pm GMT** I checked the Power store to see that xat had released the latest power, (Power 191) known as BurningHeart.

However, the bad news is that it is not currently Available yet.

We have a feeling that it will be close to releasing as they have already published the feature of the power. We will explain it soon, but below is the general idea on what the power does...

Feature: The only smiles you can use are (burningheart) and (bheartb) , 2 smilies we uncovered through our previous post.

It is a fire smiley that you can use either at the front or back of the smiley.

It also comes with a pawn for a LIMITED amount of time only
Note: (Hat power required)    

Don't worry, we'll be sure to give you more info through our next post when it's available to the public!

So, what do you think of this power? I think that it's a cheaper version of HEARTFX and sadly it doesn't give much, so I think it should be UNLIMITED and cost around 100 xats...

Make sure you leave a comment and let me know! 

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