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42's Auction for 11M ID Bid!

Last night, 42 began an auction for the very rare 11M ID bid!

To place an offer of the bid, you must have the following...
You must have at least 5,000 xats to place a bid! If you are false and you do not have enough xats for the ID, then you will lose the 5,000 xats and not be granted anything in return!

Go onto http://www.xat.com/support and name the ticket 'Competition', and enter your bidding price.

Xat will update on Twitter / Scroller what the highest bid and price is at the moment. So far, the price is 75,000 xats!

UPDATE 1:  The bids have risen to suddenly 110,000 xats!
UPDATE 2: Someone offered 120,000 xats for the ID.
UPDATE 3: Latest bidder now offered 130,000!
UPDATE 4: Cheese offered 150,000 xats, but changed his mind!
UPDATE 5: Jezus has offered 180,000 xats for the ID!
UPDATE 6: Offer has been risen to 210,000, by an annonymous person!
UPDATE 7: Latest offer @7PM GBT Time has risen and sticking to 275,000 xats! Will someone attempt to bid an even higher price? 

We will find out more info about when the auction is over, and who won the ID!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This ID Auction is not being held by me, it is being held by the official xat website and the owner, 42. Nobody else will have the ID, though there are 179M, 1M, 164M which are worth over 200,000 xats at the moment!

Have you attempted a bit to get the ID? Let me know by commenting!

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