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Mazeban Power Released!

Around 11AM GBT Time, xat released power #152 as the Mazeban power!

This power is unlimited, and even though it doesn't have a green box showing it is, it's probably also going to be a Group power!

This power costs 400 xats in the stores, and the aim of the power is to try and get yourself out of the maze!

Mazeban Information: FAQ

How can you try and complete the maze?
Like all the other ban games, a user must 'MAZEBAN' you so that you can attempt it. The person banning you must also have the power or they can only ban you normally.

How do you try and get out of the maze?
I haven't really tried it for myself at the moment, but I'm guessing that you have to get out of the maze in the fastest time. There will be different levels and difficulties from each maze you come across, and the recod is whoever gets out of there quickest.

What does the game look like?
I haven't been mazebanned yet, but whenever I do, I will make sure I can upload some useful pictures for all of you to gather on! (Check back here by Wednesday 23rd November 2011), and I'll have all the pictures uploaded! (:

How hard should I make it?
It's all up to you. If you're new to mazeban, then I suggest that you should start off with a very small ban, and then get higher bans each time you progress. A friend told me that it's easier than all the other ban games, but it all depends on you.

What do you think of the power? If you have been mazebanned, please comment how you found it, and if you've been able to purchase it! There are now currently 4 game bans altogether!         

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