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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...


Xat had re-released 11 Rare powers to celebrate the early christmas shopping in America, and by the next day, all of the powers were gone, except for Gag!

Originally, there were only 4,000 Gag powers that were released in May 2009, costing 20 days each. The price before the release was around 2000 - 2300 xats! It is still in stores, 24 hours after the original release!

2,000 Gag powers were released yesterday, and the price was dropping between 10-20 minutes every time! There are now currently around 1368 remaining, and the price hasn't dropped for around 5 hours! The price is now 1710 xats in stores! Could this power possibly be withdrawn?

Below, keep updated with the power, and the current prices in Trade!

UPDATE 1: This is the only rare power that is left in stores! There are now 1361 Gag powers remaining, with the price not dropping @1710 xats! (8.13am)
UPDATE 2: Nobody is interested in buying the power from the stores because they all want to buy Boots, Angels, Fades, and Six's. Angel is now 6900 - 7100, Six 3700 - 4000, Boot 9000-10000, and Fade 1900-2000 xats! (8.45am)
UPDATE 3: Nobody is buying the Gag power still, and someone is selling 10 for 1720 xats each, attempting to make small profits from store. Only 1,351 still remain! 650 have been bought. (8.59am)
UPDATE 4: Purple and Gback are starting to go back up, while Spaceban is dropping to under 800 xats! (9.00am)
UPDATE 5: Gag has now started to drop! (9.30am) and is now at 1650 xats each or so!
UPDATE 6: Gag is now ALL sold out! The power had gone at around 1pm GBT Time and the final price was 1244 xats! It is now currently 1250 - 1300 xats on Trade @5.40pm!

There you have it! All of the rares that were in stores are now limited again, and you can buy them on Trade. Almost all of them have been risen and profitable, but not so much, due to people selling so low beforehand!

Did you get a Gag power? It lets you gag a user instead of banning, but remember, the max is 1 hour! Only Moderators and Owners can use this, and once someone is gagged they can't talk! It's not nice!

Once again, happy Black Friday!  

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