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Power 279 - 'SNAIL'.


This weekends power is in fact Snail, and it is Power ID 279.

Users did not have this as a test power, so the first release will be the first time it was introduced to the chat room. HOWEVER, this is the smiley:

Update: At around **12.55pm BST** TOM2 was online to release some GOLD powers. This caused drama as he was on 'Crazy club' to release it instead, which annoyed many users!

10 released costing 50,000 xats

A bit of reaction:


The price is now 52500 - 53000 xats

Update 2: At **1.00pm BST** TOM2 released the first set of SNAIL powers. This power will be released in 2 sets, like the HOGMANAY power last year.

SNAIL will be sold in 2 sets. In each set, SNAIL will be unlimited for 1 hour and then it will turn LIMITED. This power costs 222 xats

Many users were selling the power and it became 200 - 220 xats, with many users including me assuming this would be the next 'EGGY' power. However ...

Because the demand was low, the second set didn't sell that many, meaning over the 2 releases there were only 4800 in total. Less people are selling, a few more are collecting the power due to the quantity, and so the power has INCREASED to become 220 - 240 xats on TRADE.

So, there we go! What do you think of the SNAIL power? If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment below!
- Aisha

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